How To Support Inner Path

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How to Support Inner Path

There are a number of ways one can financially support the work of Inner Path:

Inner Path Store

Most viewers to our website are well familiar with the Inner Path Store. We offer over 1,000 products on yoga, meditation and the spiritual life. At Inner Path we endeavor to provide both unique and hard-to-find products, as well as all the basic items you need to support your yoga and meditation practice, and the lifestyle that it encompasses.

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Inner Path Foundation

In addition to general financial assistance, the Inner Path Foundation includes three distinct options for your support.

Needed Now: As various Inner Path projects develop, we will share them with you and ask for your direct support. Often that request will be for financial support, but it will also be for direct assistance. For example, as we develop the World Brotherhood Center in Los Angeles, we are needing both donations and loan assistance, but also a volunteer to create an artistic rendering of the gardens and the property as a whole. Let us know if you’re that special person.

Donations  [ Loan Assistance ]  [ Volunteer ]

The Thousand Points of Light Endowment Fund: The goal of the Thousand Points of Light Endowment Fund is to find 1,000 willing souls who will each donate $1,000 to the Fund, thus creating a one million dollar endowment. This program is unique in some interesting ways. With most endowment funds you make a donation and then lose the ability to say what happens with it. With the Thousand Points of Light Fund, each member has the right to help determine to what cause the year-end grants are distributed. Thus, we strive to empower both your donation and your intent.


The 10% Commitment: Through this program we will share the joy of tithing and help willing souls make a commitment that is meditative, serviceful and supportive. We think you will find the concept and its manifestation to be quite an adventure.


Rajarshi Social Enterprises

Not everyone has the ability or interest to donate funds, and oftentimes putting our money to work as an investment is just as effective. Through Rajarshi Social Enterprises (RSE), a for-profit corporation, one has the opportunity to do just that. RSE is dedicated to building enlightened communities through business, financial and real estate services. Their goal is to support the establishment of spiritual communities, sattvic businesses and other endeavors, through self-initiated projects, investments and business services. Many of the company’s projects are directly in line with the intentions of Inner Path and the company donates 10% of it’s profit at year end. Think of it as a socially responsible investment with a spiritual intention. Minimum investment is $5,000.

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